Monday, August 10, 2009

Trip to Water Park in Tyler, Texas

We went to Tyler, Texas to The Villages Resort. We had an amazing time at the Indoor Water Park they had there.

We stopped through Gladwater, where my dad lived until he was ten years old. We took a couple pictures in downtown. It's kinda cool to think that my dad was in the same place when he was Elijah's age.

Downtown Gladewater, Texas

Elijah hanging outside my granddad's old store
This was my grandfather's store back in the 1950's. It's an Antiques Store now.

Going Away Party at the Evers'

Fenny and Rusty (the best hosts we know) had a wonderful going away party for us at their house on July 12th. It was a great way to tell our Dyess friends good-bye.

Amanda Carter, Me, and Fenny Evers
Esther Millette, her little Violet, and me

The Boys- Aiden Juhl, Elijah, Rowan Juhl, Reagan Evers, and Luke

Fenny and Me

Some of the guys- Jeremy, Brian Carter, Dan Corindia, Rusty Evers, and Aaron Juhl

Mama and her little boys

Fun at the Keasler's

When I retire, that's the first thing I'm getting- a hammock.

The boys had a great time riding with Mr. Bob on his scooter

This house has been on the property for over one hundred years

It was just Elijah's size