Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A few more pics from E's 2nd birthday party 8-30-08

Gotta love the blue icing!

Reagan feeding his mommy


Luke and his gas

Cute Aiden loves the blue icing, too

Mr. Independent, Cody Gonyo

Cutie Rowan Juhl

Grace Harle

Ava Millette

Granddad helping out

Grandma Tricia with Luke and Elijah

Elli Harle

D'Neal Harle and Karen Mayfield

The Gonyos, Paslays, and Fenny and Reagan Evers

What a good daddy- making all the burgers and dogs.

Tony and Vincent DiPiero

Amanda Carter, Myself, and Sharon Phillips- we matched.

Jacob Mayfield, Jarrett Harle, and Jared Mayfield

Susie and Rowan Juhl
These are my sweet friends, Becky and Fenny
Tricia took care of Luke the whole time, which was a blessing!

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mycousinvinny said...

Fenny makes me look ghostly white! Very cute pics!